Best Cars for Three Car Seats and Twin Families in 2024

best cars for twin parents

Best Cars for Three Car Seats and Twin Families in 2024 – not just Vans!

We see this question asked all the time! And it is one that we had to ask for ourselves, as well, because when you have twins, or perhaps three under 3 – you need a big enough car to accommodate everyone. And not only that, you still need enough room to haul the gear that comes along with it.

With that being said, most of the items that we hand-selected on Twin Baby Registry for you, were chosen with space in mind. We wanted the items (like a double stroller for instance) to fit into the trunk of a car, if needed. Create your Twin Baby Registry by clicking here.

Babies are expensive. Baby gear is expensive. And a brand new SUV or van is even more expensive!

So, for that reason, we’re picking items on the registry that can fit into small spaces, if necessary, so that you won’t feel the urgency to run out and buy a new car right away.

But, if you’re in the market for a new mommy SUV, we have some suggestions below that can help you!

As a note: I did not upgrade my vehicle immediately whenever my twins were born. I have a mid-size car and made it work just fine. My husband has a full-size truck, so if we were traveling any long distances or hauling a lot of gear, he drove.

We are an Amazon associate and may make a commission from our recommended products. We will only recommend products we personally use or believe in that have been recommended by twin parents.

How We Evaluate the Cars

Some of the top things we look for when considering a vehicle that can accomodate twin families, and even the best cars for three car seats if you have three under 3, are:

  1. Can 3 car seats fit across?
  2. Is the trunk large enough to fit a wagon stroller and additional items like groceries?
  3. Is it easy to get everyone in and out of the car?
  4. Does it have a third row?
  5. Is there adequate leg room in all rows?
  6. How easy is it to get into the third row if you have extra passengers?
  7. Does it offer the option for captains chairs in the second row?
  8. Can it tow?
  9. How affordable is it?

These are the things we asked ourselves as we researched the best cars for three car seats and twin families.

We also considered options in addition to vans, because no matter how many times I hear people say, “Just get the minivan, trust me, you’ll love it.” – that will never be us.

So, if you aren’t about the minivan life and need the option to tow a boat for instance, or just have a general dislike for vans. We got you! Keep reading.

Test Your Car Seats Forward Facing, Rear Facing, and Combination

Before you invest the money on a new car, I highly recommend taking your car seats with you to actually test them out inside the car before you sign the title.

See if the car seats will actually fit in the car the way you want them too. Adjust the front seats back far enough like you would if you were driving to see if the car seat can fit rear facing behind the driver and front passenger seat.

You’d be surprised at how much space infant rear facing car seats can take up if you haven’t tested them out yet.

There are so many different sizes of car seats to choose from, but if you want them to fit 3 across, or are tight on space, consider all the slimfit car seat options.

We personally use the Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat We switched to these once our girls outgrew their rear facing infant seats. Based on quality, pricing, and reviews, these seats worked best for us and are slim-fitting.

Also, take your stroller with you and toss it in the trunk to see how much room it actually takes up. Can it fit a wagon stroller? What about a double stroller? Will you still have room for luggage or groceries?

Our Top Car Recommendations:

Here are the best cars for three car seats and twin families in 2024. We’ve primarily included mid-full size SUVs and one van. We are recommending them based on our research, feedback from real twin moms, and personal test drives.

VW Atlas: Mid-Size

Most popular SUV with twin moms according to our research

Best Cars for Three Car Seats and Twin Families - VW Atlas

Pictured: VW Atlas Peak Edition SE with Technology with 4MOTION® 2.0L Turbo 8-speed Auto with Tiptronic

Why twin moms love the VW Atlas:

“I love our VW Atlas. I fit all three car seats across the middle bench.” – Anonymous

“Fits 3 across comfortably on the bench seat with plenty of cargo space. Plus has carseat tilt so you don’t have to remove the carseat to access 3rd row seats.” – Anonymous

“I love love love my VW Atlas. I have the captain chairs and love that more than the bench.” – Anonymous

Hyundai Palisade – Mid-Size

Same as the Kia Telluride, but less sporty in appearance, more luxury feel – my personal favorite mid-size option, based on price tag and features.

Best Cars for three car seats and twin families

Photo: Hyundai USA

Why twin moms love the Hyundai Palisade:

“Mine has captain seats and a 3rd row. The 2024 is going to be longer so more trunk room. I like it because I will be able to put the twins seats in the captain seats and my 6 year old can put one seat in the 3rd row up and leave the other 2 down.” – Anonymous

“I love my palisade. It fits my twins rear facing seat, my nieces toddler seat and my oldests booster!” – Anonymous

Kia Telluride – Mid-Size

Popular, sporty looking, SUV that is sized just right to fit the family


Why twin moms love the Kia Telluride:

“I absolutely love my Telluride.” – Anonymous

“We have twins and LOVE our telluride! Room for their stuff, errands, the stroller, and etc.” – Anonymous

“Love our Telluride, it fits everything we need for our twins and it’s so comfortable! I love that it looks more sporty than some other SUVs.” – Anonymous

Chevy Suburban – Full Size

Can fit the whole family & does it all! Our personal full-size fav.

Photo: 2024 Suburban LS 4WD,

Why twin moms love the Chevy Suburban:

“We love our suburban. We have 3 rear facing car seats. Plenty of room behind the third row for our wonderfold wagon.” – Anonymous

Accommodated all luggage, baby gear, and 6 family members to and from the airport while on vacation.” – Shelby T.

Ford Expedition Max – Full Size

Spacious family full-sized SUV, a popular pick among twin families.

Photo: Ford Expedition Platinum Max,

Why twin moms love the Ford Expedition Max:

“Fits 3 across the bench with open 3rd row and tons of trunk space.” – Anonymous

“I second this! You can fit 3 across in the 2nd and 3rd row if need be! Plus the bench in the 2nd row with individual folding seats is where it’s at!” -Anonymous

“Tons of room inside, you can still access the third row of seats with car seats in the middle row. Plus enough room in the very back for dogs, strollers, groceries etc.” – Anonymous

GMC Yukon XL – Full Size

For the adventurous, who appreciate luxury comfort, can easily tow kids and campers.

Photo: GMC Yukon XL SLE 4WD,

Why twin moms love the GMC Yukon XL:

“I have 4 in car seats and we have a gmc Yukon xl with captains chairs instead of a bench first row.” – Anonymous

“I can easily fit 3 across in my Yukon.” – Anonymous

“We have a Yukon XL with 4 kiddos. Twins in the middle bench row with the side seat folded down so the older two kiddos in the back row can get out for school.” – Anonymous

Kia Carnival – “looks like an SUV, but is actually a van” – every mom who owns this’ opinion

For the families who want the extra space and convenience of a minivan, but are still in denial and not ready to admit you own a minivan.

Photo: Kia Carnival MPV LX,

Why twin moms love the Kia Carnival:

“Love the space we have! We can fit 3 RF car seats in the second row and keep the 3rd row down for LOTS of storage.” – Anonymous

“I swore I wouldn’t be a mini van mom but man is it so much easier! I have 3 RF car seats. Two evenflo revolves behind driver and passenger, and an infant car seat in the third row in the single seat. I’m still able to fit my wonderfold if I need to, and both driver and passenger have good leg room.” – Anonymous

“It’s so easy with the sliding doors and kids and it honestly doesn’t even look like a mini van, more like a big SUV.” – Anonymous


After researching and reading the reviews of all of these twin mom favorites, I would be inclined to test drive the Kia Carnival (only out of curiosity).

But ultimately, I’m probably going with a vehicle that can accommodate everyone in my family, not be a complete gas hog, but still tow a boat (since my husband is a fisherman). So, for me, it’s the VW Atlas or the Hyundai Palisade.

I hope this helps you choose your new ride! Let me know in the comments what you end up getting!

Don’t forget to create your free Twin Baby Registry if you are planning for twins! All of the items have been hand-picked for you by twin moms. You can still customize it and add anything from anywhere online.

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