Twin Baby Registry News Update, June 13th Edition

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Twin Baby Registry News Update June 13th, 2024

Twin Baby Registry news

What to Pack When Traveling with Your Twins This Summer!

We already have one road trip under our belt this summer and I’m currently planning for the next one, plus a 2.5 hour flight with our 3.5 year old twins. Here are some tips and things we’ve learned over the past 3 years to make your vacations care-free and enjoyable with twins.

*As an Amazon associate we may earn a small commission from our recommended products. We will only recommend products we personally use with our own twins or believe in, or that have been recommended to us by other twin parents.

Twin-Mom-Approved Product: My Favorite Prenatal Vitamins

When I was pregnant, I struggled to find a prenatal vitamin that offered all the nutrition I needed, but didn’t upset my stomach…until I found Ritual!

Ritual Multivitamins were my favorite and my OBGYN approved. 

They deliver 12 of the high quality key nutrients you need before and during pregnancy, in a delayed-release designed capsule to help minimize stomach upset.

They are vegan-friendly, Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, and formulated without major allergens. It’s also tested for heavy metals for safety during preconception and pregnancy.*

If you’re thinking about switching your current vitamins, or looking for a good prenatal to start taking, you can try Ritual for 25% your first month!


Baby Name Generator Tool – Pick Out Twin Names

Use our fun baby name generator tool to help you come up with names for your twins! It’s just fun to play around with and see what combinations you can create.

Do you like same first letter names? Names that rhyme? Or names that are unique? Start brainstorming by clicking the button below.

Sometimes we all need a reminder…

This is just a season we’re going through. If your house is messy it’s because you’re a good mom. You’re spending your time caring for your babies and hopefully taking a minute here and there for yourself! The clutter can wait.

I can remember when our girls were newborns thinking how messy our house was. I was overwhelmed by the clutter I thought we had.

Turns out, when I look back at most of our pictures, our house was more organized and cleaner than it is now when the girls are 3! Lol.

My point is, not to stress you out, but just to let you know that sometimes what we think isn’t actually how it looks to others. As moms, we can make mountains out of mole hills sometimes. Especially if we’re OCD or perfectionists to begin with. Momming is extra hard!

To put things into perspective, I once heard a wise woman say, “Don’t rush past right now. Life is better than you think it is. You are doing better than you think you are. What you’re doing today has more purpose and value than you think it does. Look around you. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the moment. Take a step back and look around you. What do you have? What are you thankful for?”

Let’s embrace the clutter, the dirt, and the messiness of motherhood. No one’s house is actually as clean as it looks on Instagram.

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