30+ Creative Twin Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Here are 30 creative twin gender reveal party ideas to help you plan

Planning our twin gender reveal party was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done! There is so much excitement and anticipation around what the babies will be that it’s hard to contain yourself.

For a backdrop, we created a balloon arch with half of the arch in pink balloons and half of the arch in blue.

Then, my husband and I each held a confetti cannon with the color inside representing the gender of each of our twins.

When the cannons went off it revealed we were having twin girls!

It was such an exciting day, I will never forget it. For our family and friends who were not able to attend (since ours was during the very beginning and height of Covid-19) we live-streamed our event on Facebook in a private family group we created, as well as on zoom.

If you’re still in the planning stages of your twin gender reveal party, here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

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30+ Creative Twin Gender Reveal Party Ideas:

Confetti Cannons: Use confetti cannons filled with blue or pink confetti for a dramatic reveal.

Paint Splash: Throw paint-filled balloons or squirt guns at a canvas to reveal the gender in a colorful splash.

Scratch-Off Cards: Create custom scratch-off cards with the genders hidden underneath a silver coating.

Piñatas: Fill two piñatas with colored candies or confetti and let guests take turns hitting it until the genders are revealed.

Cake Slice: Have a cake made with blue and/or pink filling and each half represent each twin, and slice it open to reveal the genders inside.

Balloon Box: Fill two large boxes with helium balloons in the color corresponding to each baby’s gender, and open it to release them.

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Smoke Bombs: Use smoke bombs in blue and/or pink to create a vibrant display outdoors.

Twin Gender Reveal Baseball: Pitch a baseball filled with colored powder to be hit, revealing the gender upon impact.

Twin Gender Reveal Soccer Ball: Kick a soccer ball filled with colored powder to reveal the gender when it bursts.

Glow Stick Pool: Drop blue or pink glow sticks into a pool for a glowing reveal.

Twin Gender Reveal Pinata Cake: Bake a cake with a hollow center filled with colored candies, which spill out when the cake is cut.

Fortune Cookies: Have custom fortune cookies made with messages revealing the baby’s gender.

Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets: Create DIY scratch-off lottery tickets with the gender revealed underneath.

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Message in a Bottle: Place a note revealing the genders inside a sealed bottle, which guests can open together.

Twin Gender Reveal Puzzle: Create a custom puzzle with a picture of the babies’ genders, which guests assemble to reveal.

Cupcake Toppers: Decorate cupcakes with blue or pink toppers, with the gender revealed when guests bite into them.

Twin Gender Reveal Lanterns: Release lanterns into the sky, each containing a message or colored light revealing the gender.

Twin Gender Reveal Eggs: Dye hard-boiled eggs in blue or pink and crack them open to reveal the color inside.

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Twin Gender Reveal T-shirts: Wear shirts with “Team Blue” or “Team Pink” logos to announce the gender.

Twin Gender Reveal Candles: Light a candle with a hidden color inside, which becomes visible as it burns down.

Twin Gender Reveal Ornaments: Fill clear ornaments with colored glitter or feathers and hang them on a tree for guests to see.

Twin Gender Reveal Cookies: Bake cookies with blue or pink frosting hidden inside, revealed when they’re bitten into.

Twin Gender Reveal Silhouette: Project a silhouette image onto a screen, with the colors indicating the genders.

Painted Hands or Feet: Dip the expectant parents’ hands or feet in paint and press them onto a canvas to reveal the gender.

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Twin Gender Reveal Party

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Twin Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Map: Use a scratch-off map where guests reveal the babies’ genders by scratching off the corresponding country or location.

Twin Gender Reveal Holi Powder: Throw Holi powder in blue or pink at each other to reveal the genders in a colorful cloud.

Twin Gender Reveal Scrabble: Spell out the babies’ genders with Scrabble tiles on a board.

Twin Gender Reveal Paintball: Play paintball with blue or pink paint-filled bullets to reveal the genders.

Twin Gender Reveal Lantern Messages: Write messages revealing the genders on lanterns before releasing them into the sky.

Twin Gender Reveal Video: Create a video with clips of the babies’ ultrasound and gender reveal, then share it with friends and family.

Twin Gender Reveal Theme: Lashes or Stashes

Dr. Seuss Themed Twin Gender Reveal: A box with “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on the outside to open and release balloons for each twin’s gender

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These ideas offer a fun and memorable way to share the exciting news of your twins’ gender with loved ones!

There are so many cute decorations to choose from. And you can tweak almost any gender reveal theme for one baby, to turn it into a party for twins.

For example, you know the popular gold or rose gold foil letter balloons that spell out “Oh Baby”? Why not create your own saying with, “Oh Babies” for a back drop instead?

Share in the comments, below, which idea is your favorite!

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