Twin Baby Registry News Update, June 27th Edition

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Twin Baby Registry News Update June 27th, 2024

Twin Mama Story: Unprepared for Postpartum

A Twin Mama Story: Unprepared for Postpartum

Tijana, Twin Mama, Postpartum Doula and Founder of Flourishing Postpartum tells her personal story of having her twins and why she developed a postpartum planner for future expecting mamas to help you be more prepared than she was. 

Tijana’s thoughts on postpartum:

“A birth experience can last hours, but postpartum is months. So, why do we spend so much time planning for the birth with little time on postpartum?”

*As an Amazon associate we may earn a small commission from our recommended products. We will only recommend products we personally use with our own twins or believe in, or that have been recommended to us by other twin parents.

Twin-Mom-Approved Product: The Flourishing Postpartum Planner

I WISH I had this before my girls were born. I could have used this book as a guide to help prepare me for what I was about to get into. If you are a first time parent, I HIGHLY recommend this planner. It will be an eye opener to you and get you ready.

Here are some chapter highlights:

  • Postpartum timelines
  • Postpartum nutrition and meal plans
  • Becoming a mama, postpartum body changes, hair loss, feeding your baby
  • How to handle other family members and visitors
  • Sibling support
  • Mental health

The list goes on! So much good information packed into this planner that you can fill out as you go to help you create a working plan.

I’ve included this on your Twin Baby Registry for you. But if you previously created your registry and don’t see this item pre-loaded, click on the button below to view it on Amazon or add it onto your registry manually.

30+ Creative Twin Gender Reveal Party Ideas to Help you Plan!

Planning our twin gender reveal party was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done! There is so much excitement and anticipation around what the babies will be that it’s hard to contain yourself. Need some inspiration for yours? View our blog post to start planning!

Shout out to all the dads out there rocking dad life…

This was a post I made on Father’s Day, but it’s relevant every day! We’re so thankful for the amazing dads out there who are making it look so easy. We couldn’t do it without you. ❤️

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